A little about us

StarWest is a system builder and integrator focused on corporate, government, and educational needs by providing computer systems, networking, and service. We combine leading technologies with top quality components to create valuable solutions for our business partnerships. We rely on experienced sales reps, well-trained technicians, and courteous support personnel to build our reputation of service.

Since 1985 StarWest has been committed to providing the highest quality products and the best possible customer service in meeting the requirements of our customers. Making us the oldest computer supplier in Utah.

Our local 10,000 sq/ft warehouse is home to dozens of name brand and OEM product lines. Our systems integration department is staffed with professionals ready to provide your company with StarWest systems that have been configured with your reliabilty, security, and compatibility issues in mind.

Our Vision Statement

Computers are our business, customers are our lifeblood.

  • Our commitment to their satisfaction
  • Our dedication to long term relationships
  • Our attitude of respect
  • Our business ethics and personal integrity
  • Our relentless pursuit of excellence
  • Our progressive technical skills   
  • Our consistent performance
  • Understanding our evolving market 
  • Our ability to progress with technology


CHaritable Ventures

Ayuda en Mexico was organized to provide and assist any economically deprived and/or homeless children or adults, regardless of race, religion or creed. Aid is to be rendered in various ways, including providing basic necessities which could consist of providing health care, clothing, food, toiletries, blankets or quilts, items needed for home repairs, school supplies, and small toys for children, or money for other necessities.

AEM desires to show needy people that someone cares for them and is concerned about their welfare, hoping that this will enable the recipients to find comfort in a knowledge that they are not forgotten in the overwhelming difficulties of their everyday struggles to survive.

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