Our Customer Stories:

We are committed to great customer service. We work hard to earn the trust of all our clients, with every interaction. Don't take our word for it though, read testimonials from our customers to see what they have to say about their experience with StarWest Computers, plus see why StarWest has hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google.

Wasatch County School District 

“I want to thank StarWest for the service and support provided over the past 14 years. During these years we have made many requests for specialized configurations of workstations, servers, and products to fill our needs. They have always made our experience pleasant and positive. Their assembly department does an excellent job of filing orders in a short period of time and the quality and workmanship is unmatched. I highly recommend them without reservation!” 

Karl Buchanan

Oregon Institute of Technology 

“We have purchased monitors, components, workstations, and servers from StarWest since 1995. We have purchased over 300 systems in the past year, and well over $500k. Their prices are very competitive especially for the high quality components. They are fast and dependable! They never miss a deadline! I encourage anyone to take a look at what they offer, how they offer it, and allow them a chance to form a relationship with you! They pride themselves on relationship selling. They are willing to do what it takes to make things easy and happen smoothly.” 

Ralph Carestia

University of Utah Marriott Library 

“We’ve had such low hardware problems with StarWest we haven’t needed to track percentages! With our previous vendor, we had 80% hardware failures, we even chose to replace these systems a year before their 3 year warranty was up! We deployed StarWest systems, and of 37 systems we haven’t had one fail yet!”

Debra Lords

L-3 Communications

“Your overall performance rating is 100%! Your current performance rating is EXCELLENT. L-3 Communications commends you for your quality and delivery performance achievements. L-3 Communications considers StarWest to be a valued supplier. “

Mr. Shirl Ferre, QA Senior Engineer

University of Utah Bookstore

“I have been directly associated with StarWest for over 2 years, and I can sincerely recommend their company in meeting the needs of an Educational Institution. They have made special trips to get things to me on time, has provided help with Bookstore promotions, and has kept me aware of areas of concern when they find service issues with the Bookstore. We use, and will continue to use StarWest systems in our store and we hope to keep a solid relationship with them in the future.”

Gavin Jensen, DATC Bookstore

Daggett School District 

“StarWest has been an approved vendor for Daggett School District since 1997. They have proven to be a reliable and responsible technology provider. Service has been prompt and accurate. Billing disputes are non existent and their pricing, while not always the lowest possible, is always fair, reasonable and represents a good value for the price paid. In a typical year, StarWest earns approximately one-third to one-half of our technology budget.”

Guy Durrant, Technology Director

Daggett School District 

“StarWest has been an approved vendor for Daggett School District since 1997. They have proven to be a reliable and responsible technology provider. Service has been prompt and accurate. Billing disputes are non existent and their pricing, while not always the lowest possible, is always fair, reasonable and represents a good value for the price paid. In a typical year, StarWest earns approximately one-third to one-half of our technology budget.”

Guy Durrant, Technology Director

Roy Hunter

“I received amazing technical advice from StarWest! I highly recommend them!" 

Roy Hunter

Alumaline Corporation

“Just wanted to say thanks! We don’t do a lot of business with you, we are just a small company, but working with you all is the greatest! You guys are always there to take care of us. Additionally, I send some customers your way and they always come back with positive and very favorable comments. Your support and service is awesome and reasonably priced. Keep up the good work and we look forward to continuing to do business with you."

Mark Bradley

College of Social Work

“John, I found your information very helpful and have passed it onto my network users. Thanks! Your company is great and Brad, is one of the best reps I’ve worked with over the years.”

Jolene Dixon, Network Administrator


“We have purchased approximately 200 builds from StarWest. Extremely competitive pricing and great service ranging from the occasional return to product support assistance combine for a great relationship with this vendor.”

Quint Billings

LAN Administrator

“We recently purchased two large File Servers along with a number of computers and accessories. StarWest has provided excellent service and stood by their products. Their prices are very competitive in the market. Their delivery schedules are timely and they are committed to keep their customers satisfied. The equipment is extremely reliable.”

David Schwab

Weber State University Bookstore

“I’ve been working with StarWest for the past 7 years and have been consistently impressed with their professionalism and quality of customer service. These traits separate StarWest from other computer manufacturers in this highly competitive and over-saturated market. I highly recommend StarWest for all your personal and professional computing needs.”

Timothy Eck, Manager

Utah State University

“I am writing this letter on behalf of StarWest, a company Utah State University’s Athletics Dept commenced doing business with during the fall of 2001. Our experiences have been excellent and their support staff stands alone in friendliness and service. They exhaust all avenues to save their customers money, without jeopardizing quality. They have been a pleasure to work with and we recommend their product and customer service without reservation.”

Kevin Dustin, Associate Athletics Director


“StarWest has become the choice as our major supplier of PC’s. They give us better quality parts, better warranty, with faster service than we were receiving from Gateway. They stock higher quality parts than other local PC integrators and have a much higher level of service and communication, we plan to buy many more systems from the and recommend them highly.”

Dale Heisler, Chemistry Dept


”if you are not satisfied, they will work until you are satisfied. Their team of representatives is attentive, and although their telephones are sometimes busy, you can count on them for a timely response. They have treated everyone in this department with respect and prompt service.”

Gary Oderda, Chair College of Pharmacy

Hammerton, Inc

“Thank you for the quick response and willingness to help us in solving the problem with our computer! This is why we have been a loyal customer for the past 4 years, and why we will continue to be so.”

Thomas Hillier

Jordan School District

“I was recently referred to StarWest by a trusted friend and my purchase was designed to increase my ability to work remotely from my home to the office. At first, I had some technical problems, but I praise the work and service of your technicians. I recommend your company to anyone. Thank you!”

Barry Newbold, Superintendent

419th Fighter Wing

“This is a letter of recommendation and appreciation to StarWest Computers. We have utilized them for a number of years as a source for many of our computer needs. I have found their staff to be extremely skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. I have no qualms about referring other organizations to use StarWest.”

Gregory Stafford

Utah Housing Authority

“It is a pleasure to take this opportunity to recommend StarWest to be your source for all your business computer needs. The rare warranty claims have been handled in a very timely and ‘no hassle’ fashion. Believe me when I say, they are above the rest!”

David Jacobson

Computer Maintenance Supervisor

“I recommend StarWest for any computer purchases. I would deal with StarWest with no reservations about it, and I look forward to a long-term relationship with them.”

Doug Williams


“Through our relationship with StarWest we have been able to focus on widening our customer base, decrease defect ratios, and doubled our service center revenue. We have found them to be reliable, intuitive and professional.”

Michael Wahls, Department Head

Litton Guidance & Control Systems

“StarWest possesses extensive technical knowledge and is an expert on many types of computer equipment. They are professional and extremely cooperative. I highly recommend StarWest to potential clients.”

Gregory Bannister

American Insurance & Investment

“I have had the opportunity to work with StarWest for several years. I enjoy the prompt and professional service and have always been able to rely on their fairness and integrity. I appreciate the business relationship that we have and will continue to rely on it in the future.”

Kendall Nelson, Executive VP

Buyer, J. Willard Marriott Library

“We have been purchasing computer systems since 2000. We have ordered hundreds of systems during this time, and we are extremely happy with the quality, the service, and the price! Star West has consistently provided quality, excellent customer service, knowledgeable consulting, competitive pricing, accurate billing, and willingness to solve any problem.”

Louise Hall

Bountiful City

“Bountiful City has been doing business with StarWest for over 15 years! What can I say? Their technical support is excellent; the quality is far above average. We have dealt with EVERY major computer manufacturer and we have yet to find any computer company more responsive than StarWest. I strongly recommend StarWest as a valuable business partner.”

Alan West

Salt Lake City Corp

“We have been using StarWest as one of our vendors for at least 14 years. We appreciate the fast, friendly, courteous service always provided. We appreciate their response to any problems that have occurred in the past, and the quick resolution they always provide.”

Randy Jones

Union Pacific Railroad

“Over the past decade, I am pleased to express my appreciation to StarWest. We have found them to be very responsive and prompt to address our needs. We have interacted with all aspects of StarWest from sales, service, shipping, and always found them to be excellent.”

Rob Brown

Codale Electric Supply

“Codale has purchased from StarWest for the past 9 years. We have purchased PC’s, servers, monitors, software and many accessories. We have been very pleased with their products and services. We recommend them as a good source.”

Michael Hemming

Weber State University

“I write this letter in support of StarWest. The goal of ASSP computer labs is to meet the growing technological needs of students, faculty and staff. This requires state of the art equipment with the least amount of downtime. I have been extremely satisfied with the products and the support provided. They are easy to work with and prompt with any problems. Their typical turn around time is less than 48 hrs. That’s really speedy in this industry when sometimes you wait for days and weeks!”

Carey Anson, Technology Specialist

Transit Instruments

‘We want to express our appreciation for your excellent customer service! The computers we ordered were not only built in 2 days, the price was exactly what you quoted. A great product at an honest price.”

Dan Hirst, President