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Star West Computer Services
DOWNLOAD Star West Remote Tune-up Software
Please wait a few seconds for the download link to appear.

Do the following:

  1. Click “Download Remote Tune-up” above.
  2. Click (depending on your browser): “Run”, or “Allow”, or “Save File”, or “Accept” when prompted to download the remote access software.
  3. If your browser does not automatically run the software file “Remote Tune-up-windows32-online” then manually locate the file (probably in your Downloads directory) and run it by double clicking on the filename.
  4. Read and accept the disclaimer.
  5. Type in your Name or Business Name and the Email Address that you used when you placed your order online and click “Submit”
  6. Your computer is now ready to receive the remote connection. Leave your computer unused until we have finished your tune-up.
  7. If you have any trouble along the way or have any questions about this process please Contact Us for help.

Tune-ups are offered Monday through Friday during our regular business hours. Please do NOT use your computer during the scheduled remote time. The technician may log in several times to check the progress of malware/virus scans, updates, etc. When finished your technician will leave you a message on the screen as to the status and the results of the tune-up. Check email to see if there are any instructions or further work that may need to be done. It often takes at least 2 sessions of work to complete the tune-up.

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